We are Hodge and Tiffany. Married for 8 wonderful years and fortunate enough to experience many adventures along the way. We are dada and mama to three adorable kids: Zeke, Zoey, and Ziya. As a family, our adventure continues as the Lord calls us to live and minister in Northern Portugal.


At different points in our lives, we both felt called by God to live and work overseas in ministry settings, and in His providence, He used our individual passions to bring us together. That is why shortly after marrying, we pursued a job with a nonprofit organization, and a couple of years later, we found ourselves moving to Portugal. While living in Portugal over the past 5 years, we have seen the Holy Spirit move and work in profound ways not only in the lives of those around us but also in our very own lives. With an ever-increasing desire and passion to share the truth and hope of the gospel with those around, we are thrilled to be doing so in Portugal.


We truly enjoy the simple yet enriching life that we have come to know in Portugal. The people are absolutely some of the kindest that we have met, and the cultural differences have grown on us as we smile and simply state, “That’s just the Portuguese way”. We are incredibly thankful for the love and support that we receive from so many friends back in the States, and we are overwhelmed and full of gratitude because of the friendships that we have made in our current home.