The countdown is on.

We are officially two months away from stepping foot back on Portuguese soil! Right now, we are in the midst of getting things ready to go back. We are anxious and excited as we are looking into arranging a vehicle and a place to live, but we also have the tedious work of figuring out visas, paperwork, taxes, and every other aspect that comes with moving to a foreign country. 

During this time, we are also continuing to fundraise. We have been incredibly blessed by all the people who have committed to walk along side of us in this journey, whether through prayer, giving, or both! We are witnesses to the Lord's providence, and we are amazed to see how He has worked over the past months. We are thrilled to say that we are well above our halfway point! While this is quite a milestone, we are still roughly $20,000 away from reaching our goal. To look at it another way, this means we simply need 17 people giving $100 a month. While we have no idea who these 17 people will be, we are confident that the Lord will send the right people our way.

Thank you all for following along and praying with us!