We're back!

Last week, we stepped foot onto American soil after 2 and a half years. Thanks for all the well wishes, thoughts, and prayers surrounding our travel! Everything went smoothly, and the kids did great! Now, about this jet lag…

USA bound!

On the 22nd of this month, we will start our journey to the States. While the majority of our time will be spent in Florida, we will also be taking a trip up to Tennessee. We are so very much looking forward to spending time with friends and family. For us, this trip is also an opportunity to speak with people and church bodies face-to-face about creating new partnerships in helping us reach Portugal with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Please reach out to us at wearethehodges@gmail.com if you would be interested in talking about this!

Another Hodge.

In late October, we welcomed Ziya McNeail to the family. (Yes, we really set ourselves up for failure with all those Z names!) Both Zeke and Zoey have done so well with her, wanting to hold her and give her kisses. She is the perfect addition to our family.


Coming to America!

We will be back in the States early next year for 2 months. While most of our time will be spent in Florida with Hodge's family, we will be making a 2 week trip up to Tennessee in mid-February. While in Tennessee, we will use the time to visit with friends and family as well as meet with potential new partners in ministry. If you or someone you know might be interested in partnering with us, please contact us or pass our information along. We would love the opportunity to sit down with you and share about what is happening in Portugal!

Photo Fundraiser

As independent missionaries, we are always aware of money coming in and money going out. For us, however, it is not a burden but a joy to see how the Lord provides for our family and how He calls others to partner with us and walk along side of us in this beautiful journey.

So, to help us reach our financial goals for this budget year, we have officially launched our photo fundraiser! Over the past several weeks, Hodge has taken the time to capture and create 20 beautiful photos from around this city that we get the privilege to live in. If you feel led to help support us financially, please consider hopping on over to our "Photo Fundraiser" page and purchasing a photo! 

Fundraising time!

It's that time of year again! Last April, we started being supported 100% by those who have partnered with us and have chosen to walk along side of us in this journey. (And by this journey, I mean living in a foreign country and sharing the love of Christ with others in hopes of seeing them come into a meaningful relationship with God). We have been so encouraged over the past year to see and experience how the Lord has provided for us, not only financially but also emotionally. And it is Him who continues to guide us and call us to Portugal.

So, with that, we have started working again to raise funds needed for this next year’s budget. This includes contacting a lot of people and church bodies, but it also includes lots of faith, prayer, and waiting. Like last year, we are looking and asking for people to consider either partnering with us on a monthly basis or by making a one-time donation.

If you feel led to partner with us in any capacity, please visit the “Giving” tab at the top right of the page. And if you would like to talk to us personally, send us an email at wearethehodges@gmail.com! We would love to hear from you :)

Church Plant Group

After some discussion and a whole lot of the Spirit's leading, we have started a church plant group in our home. We meet for fellowship and Bible study every weekend. We are thrilled to have started this group with a local Bible-believing, Jesus-following family. Our hope is that as we continue to have spiritual conversations with those around us, we will see more and more people grow a curiosity to learn about what God has written to us within the pages of the Bible and that they will join us for Bible study.

We are going live tomorrow!

Join us tomorrow (Saturday 25th) for an other Facebook live event from Hodge's facebook page tomorrow at 10:00AM CST/11:00AM EST!

When we first started doing these live events, we weren't really sure how it would go. All we were certain of was our desire to keep you all updated and to make ourselves "visible" as much as possible. But the truth is, we have really enjoyed doing these events! We absolutely love talking about what we are doing and how the Lord is working in Portugal, but we also just like to goof off with you guys. Because of this, the events tend to be rather long.... so even if you are late to the party, feel free to join in and bring any questions you may have.

"See" you tomorrow!

We are still here!

While these updates seemingly stopped in September, we are still in Portugal, doing well and striving each day to see people come into a meaningful relationship with Christ. While the first months proved to be burdensome to us, we have experienced the Lord bringing us through trials and providing for us in incredible ways.

The beginning of the year seemed to bring with it many opportunities to serve our community, to meet more people, and to engage in spiritual conversations. Stayed tuned to find out more about what's been going on!

The first days.

We've made it to Portugal!! We can't be happier to be back. The first days have been spent settling into the apartment, reconnecting with friends, retrieving our things that were stored at friends' houses, looking for a vehicle to purchase, and just enjoying the familiar. We still have quite a ways to go before we can be completely settled, but we are all doing so well, and the kids have been such troopers through it all.